30 January, 2018

Did you know agents can now boost their brand with stunning self-made websites and eye-catching print collateral using MyDesktop’s nifty plug-in MyDesign?

We chat to creator Website Blue’s general manager, Luke Thomas about how agents can unlock brand power:

What’s your ‘elevator pitch’ for MyDesign?

MyDesign is a professional design tool that enables offices and agents to better present their brand to prospective vendors and landlords.

What are the four most valuable features of this tool?

A standout is its ability to drag and drop elements to achieve their desired look and design.

It offers full MyDesktop integration of e-marketing, social media and print, and designs can be locked down by office administrators or marketing managers to ensure all staff are maintaining brand compliance.

Office managers can create social media content and event images, as well as listing imagery in one click, and it offers simple and intuitive UX (user experience design)…sorry, is that five?

What value do these features provide?

The biggest one is real estate offices now have the ability to create their own unique marketing assets instead of having a “me-too” look to their collateral.

They can take advantage of social media much faster than ever before and that is a huge potential benefit.

Creating and maintaining a strong brand is a constant marketing challenge – how does MyDesign help agents on this front?

For the first time agents have the ability to create and customise marketing collateral easily, efficiently, without paying large monthly subscription fees to a third party integrator.

What one thing should all agents do when planning and creating marketing collateral? What do they do wrong?

What they need to be doing is creating a single marketing campaign for each listing with the same look and feel, e-marketing alerts, property flyers/booklets and social media posts, a consistent and precise message and overall feel is key when trying to communicate any message.

Inconsistent look/feel/message across listings is where agents go wrong when trying to build a strong personal brand.

Any last words of advice?

Every time an agent sells a listing, these are standard things they should all do:

If you have a smartphone, record a 30-second video testimonial from the vendor, upload it onto the office’s social media video-share page and link it in the sold listing via MyDesktop;
Transcribe this listing into text and post the sold property on the office’s social media page with this testimonial and video-share link;
Post the transcribed testimonial on the home page of their website to keep these up to date (standard as part of our website offering);
Once the agent has a few video testimonials, create a playlist then play on a tablet at open homes to better promote why the prospective buyer/seller should deal with them.
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