Professional real estate business cards do many things. They are a great defense for your clients to fend off would-be agents.

Designing Your Card

A business card speaks volumes about you and your business. The font, colour, shape and design make up the psychology of business cards. Can you imagine someone immediately dismissing you because of choices you made on your business card? It happens.

So does the opposite. Think back to a time someone handed you a business card and you were immediately impressed. You thought higher of the person, and it wasn’t anything that they said. They just invested some time into designing a quality business card.

The Dos

  • Make the card readable and simple. This is above and beyond the most important thing. Do not be afraid of white space. White space can often be a great place to write notes about why you are worth a call.
  • Provide at least of three ways to contact you. Email address and mobile number are a must, but this is also a good time to include professional social media accounts.
  • Having your website address is key. Your website should give visitors all the information they need to decide to choose you.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t clutter your card with large fonts and unneeded information. Putting too much information on your business card can make it difficult to find the useful information.
  • Consider dropping the fax if you are short on space.

Remember, contact information is the primary function of your card, make it big, bold and visible. Your websites URL, email address and mobile number are the most important pieces of information on your business card. Beyond that, only put what is absolutely necessary.

Branding Yourself

Differentiating yourself from other agents is what keeps you in the game. As an agent, you have a value proposition, a mission statement, a personal expertise that sets you apart. This is what your brand is made of. Your business card is yet another tool. Make it work for you.

The Dos

  • If you use a headshot on your business card, make sure it’s professional and up to date. This doesn’t have to be a costly expense.
  • Consider a tagline. Your business card should tell people what you do and what makes you different. If you have a particular emphasis, include that on your card. Find your angle and draw attention to it.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t overlook co-branding yourself with your finance partner. If you do co-brand with your finance partner, ask to split the costs to save you on printing.
  • Remember the brand guidelines set forth by your brand when using their logo.
  • Don’t forget the purpose of your business card. A well-designed business card works better than business cards made in odd shapes, sizes and materials. Considering a metal business card because none of your competitors have one? Consider what that might do to the inside of your client’s wallet. You don’t want to be remembered as that agent.

You want your business card to stand out and emphasize your personal brand, but you don’t want to compromise purpose.

In Conclusion

Using your business cards as a tool to grow your business is not an option. It’s a necessity.

First, focus on designing the best card you can. Marketing, distribution and leveraging your referral network grow your business. The upfront investment on design, coupled with a tenacious and strategic distribution plan is sure to produce results for agents at any level.

For assistance in designing your card, call Website Blue on 1300 650 520 today or check out someone of our branding work here.

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