So you have a website and you want to drive more traffic to it. The big question you need to ask yourself is do I spend money on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or Google pay per click (Adwords)?

In essence this answer is fairly straight-forward bearing in mind a couple of key factors. No matter which option you choose there are a few things that you must have correct before you can click the spend button:

  • Ensure ALL of the content on your website is optimised for the keywords you are wanting to be found for in Google.
  • Make sure that those keywords are ones that will actually be used by someone e.g “Number one agent”, is most likely not a keyword search that a prospective vendor will use.
  • Decide on who you want to visit your page. Are you focusing on attracting vendors, landlords, buyers, renters, commercial leases? Or a combination?
  • Make sure you have targeted and optimised content on the landing pages for your target audience.
  • KISS. Thats right, Keep It Simple Stupid. This is key. No one likes to arrive at a page that is full of words, animated images or a sea of colour. Choose your key message and push that. It’s quality not quantity.
  • Make sure your design is optimised as well. Your website should at minimum have a mobile version or preferably be fully responsive.

Now if you have completed all of the above the next steps are pretty much straight forward. If you live in a major town or city such as Tamworth or Brisbane, SEO is not for you. This is mainly due to the fact that you will need to combat large property portals i.e and their HUGE online presence. These companies spend millions of dollars each year in optimising their websites to ensure that traffic is almost guaranteed. I am not talking about your name or your agency’s name, I am talking about generic search strings such as, “Brisbane real estate agents”. Typing this into Google returns results dominated by the big end of town. So if you’re in a major populated area, the answer is Google Adwords. In essence Adwords will give you the ability to jump to the top of the page for your preferred search results. The big players rarely play here, mainly due to the enormous cost for them to cover the whole of Australia.

Now, you might say, “but I can get someone to manage my Search Engine Optimisation for $100 or even $200 per month.” My response is simple, I can get a drunk person in a pub at night to remove my sore tooth for $50 instead of paying $300 to a dentist, but at the end of the day the Dentist is actually trained in this field so I will go with them. To win at SEO you need to be better than your competitors and if they have better more advanced SEO strategies being managed by a strong Australian based SEO company, then you need to do the same. I can’t stress this enough folks, Google on average updates its search algorithm 500 – 600 times per year! So, go with a local Australian SEO specialist that knows your local area and industry and knows how to help you.

If you do need SEO or Google Adwords advice, call Website Blue on 1300 650 520 and talk to the Real Estate experts.