Googles new Maps API


Since June 2018, Googles  new Maps API also includes a new pricing structure for businesses to deliver customised Maps, Routes and Places.

The new pay-as-you-go pricing structure was enforced on 16th July 2018 which requires each website to have a linked Google account for billing purposes.  With this in mind, we now require each website owner to create their own Google account and billing profile to facilitate the use of the Google maps platform.

Since Google provides a credit per account each month to allow for a certain number of free map requests, most single website clients will never be charged by Google.

Once your account is created (if it doesn’t already exist) and access is provided to Website Blue, we can create the necessary keys required to show map locations on your new website. A step by step instruction guide is available at the link below.


1. Follow this link to begin and click on the GET STARTED button.


2. Choose Maps and Continue.


3. If you already have a Google account Sign In here and skip to Step 9.
Otherwise, create your new Google account by clicking on Create account, enter your email address and click Next.


4. Add your details on this screen and click Next.


5. You will receive a Google code in your email.
Enter it on this screen.


6. Add your mobile phone number / Date of Birth and Gender and click next.


7. Click send to verify your mobile.


8. Add the Code from the SMS you receive on this screen.


9. Click Skip on this screen unless you want to add your phone number to any other Google services you sign up to automatically


10. Click Agree to agree to the Terms and Conditions if you agree with them.


11. You will end up on the original screen.
Click Get Started (top right).


12. Click Create to Create a new Project.


13. Type in a project name ie: Your Agency Name.


14. Click IAM Admin then click IAM


15. Click ADD (Next to IAM Heading)


16. Type in our email address and Choose Editor and Next.
This will give us access to create the API Keys your website needs.


17. At the top Right, activate your billing account (Google will give you 28,000 API requests before billing you).
Websites that are Small – Medium will not receive a bill.
Google will not bill you unless you authorise them to do so and, in the meantime, they will give you $300 credit for the 1st 12 months to try out the system.


18. Click on your appropriate answers on this page, and click Agree and Continue if you agree to their terms and conditions.


19. Type in your name and address and scroll further.


20. Add your card details here and press Start my free trial.


21. Please let us know by email ( that the account has been setup and we will complete the rest of the technical works and add the new key into your website.