Years ago, your agency’s website was there to showcase properties you have for sale, gain interest from prospective buyers to view open homes and capture leads.

In 2016, your site has one purpose, to attract new vendors and landlords. I am just going to say this, no one will visit your site who is searching to buy a home. With the major portals (i.e. spending literally millions of dollars in Google search optimisation to ensure that all listings are linking back to their respective sites, there is no point in wasting your money trying to combat this.

Your site now needs to lure vendors and landlords to targeted, well designed landing pages within your site. The pages need to be structured with call to actions and interactive content that engagers viewers. The content that is on these pages should be optimised effectively in Google so that when people search for “great agents in morningside”, they land on a page talking about why you are the best agent in Morningside. This effectively means that your home page is one of the LEAST visited pages on your site.

Now, this does not mean you should not focus on your home page. It means you can project yourself they way you want to. You no longer need a Feature Sale & Feature Rental property to be the main attraction. Testimonials, statistics-real information to hook vendors is the key. Sites like the new Stockdale & Leggo website are a classic example of how to do things differently in this space. So let’s throw off the chains of the “year 2001” website.

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